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Criminal Examinations

Through the criminal polygraph examination, we offer to both defense attorneys and prosecutors the means to establish the truth. It is equally important to establish criminality as it is to eliminate the wrongly accused. In the ongoing criminal investigation, the criminal examination can evaluate witness statements, and uncover guilty knowledge of a crime.

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We offer pre-employment examinations for law enforcement/ fire agencies and armored car companies. As well as assessing whether the applicant has been truthful in the information they have provided, we can also help uncover any information they have withheld in the application process.
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Employee polygraph examinations are regulated by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA 1988). EPPA has very strict requirements regarding polygraph testing of employees and prohibits pre-employment screening altogether. It would be advisable to consult with an attorney to avoid any legal ramifications before scheduling an appointment.

The polygraph examination can assist corporations and businesses in resolving internal employment issues, such as theft and embezzlement. We are well versed in the EPPA requirements and can offer a more discreet means of handling employment issues internally, without the publicity of bringing in law enforcement.

Domestic/Family Conflicts
Questions of drug, gambling, or other family conflicts can be brought to an evidenced based verification through a polygraph examination.

Fidelity issues can be resolved through the administration of a polygraph test, whether to prove your innocence or verify if you have or have not been betrayed in your relationship.

The polygraph examination can give confidence to a relationship that is new, untested or in question. Background questions as well as specific questions of concern can be more thoroughly answered and resolved.

Assessing the validity of your client’s claims can be vital in providing a successful defense. A polygraph examination can prevent an attorney from being blindsided by his client. It is also effective in convincing an attorney of the validity of a client’s case.

In-custody examinations assist in-custody investigations in helping to assess guilt and uncover more evidence and develop leads in the investigation. The Miranda warning is to be administered by law enforcement, and the suspect must be voluntarily submitting to the polygraph examination. With some cases, a court order to enter a custodial environment may require a court order.

Specific Issue
The polygraph examination can provide the means to prove that you are telling the truth on a specific issue in question. The polygraph will settle the specific issue by assessing the veracity or deception of a person whose truthfulness is being doubted.